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The roster of Drags of Anarchy is a roster which you might not have seen very often…
Well, that is about to change!

Drags of Anarchy is an agency for Drag Queens; Drag Queens we exclusively
represent, and Drag Queens which we book on a regular basis. We are working with
amazing Queens who are trained dancers, schooled actors and born performers. They will
show – and teach you the art of Drag with their stunning, phenomenal and mesmerizing

And last but not least, we have 9 (!) queens starring in Drag Race Holland including the winners Envy Peru and Vanessa van Cartier.









Drag Race Holland

We are super excited to have 9 (!) queens starring in Drag Race Holland Season 1 & 2 and to have both winners in our roster. Condragulations Envy Peru & Vanessa van Cartier!

Watch them slay the runway on Drag Race Holland, now available on Wow Presents Plus in the U.S. + Australia + worldwide (excluding the Netherlands) and exclusively in the Netherlands on Videoland.

Season 1

Envy Peru
Megan Schoonbrood
Patty PamPam

Season 2

Vanessa van Cartier
My Little Puny
Keta Minaj




Winners Drag Race Holland



Vanessa van Cartier & Envy Peru





The performances of our Drag Queens are limitless..

…but to make it a little bit easier for you, hereby we sum up the most booked performances…

– Lip-sync performances –
– Concerts –
– Headline shows –
– Opening/Support acts –
– Dinner shows –
– Event hosting –
– Private events –
– Corporate events/presentations –
– TV appearances –
– Video clips –
– Comedy performances –
– Influencer marketing –
– DJ performances –
– Marriage ceremonies –
– Bingo hostings –
– Door bitch/hostess –
– Overall entertainment –

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