My little puny

Hey Punani’s! 

After starring in Drag Race Holland season 2, where she became the runner up of this season, My Little Puny has become a fan favorite and is now an established name in the industry. She is currently touring through Europe and has a residency at “the Rotterdam Drag Show” and “the Amsterdam Drag Show”, the biggest drag shows Europe has to offer.

Don’t be fooled by her sexy and fashion forward looks because this Puny is a tough cookie. She competed in another Dutch TV show called “Kamp van Koningsbrugge” where she was challenged to do a Special Forces training. Weekly seen by 2 million viewers, Puny made it all the way to the semifinals becoming a pioneer in breaking stereotypes surrounding Drag Queens and the queer community at large.

Wait! There is more…She is also a musician and in 2022 she released a track together with her sister Keta Minaj called “Keta x Puny” including a stunning and mesmerizing  videoclip. A follow up track will be released next year. 

Brands love her and her professional work ethic. She has worked with Booking.com, TK Maxx, Lush, the Social Hub, About You, Filling Pieces and Zalando, just to name a few.

My Little Puny is a schooled actor, singer, dancer, has played a lead role in the movie Body Language and in musicals like Grease and Fame amongst many others. There is no doubt about calling her a multi talented queen. Just check out her amazing performances and ride the Puny wave. Oh, and if you don’t know what Puny means… Google it!

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