Keta Minaj

Keta Minaj aka The Dutchess was born in 2019 in Amsterdam. The professional make up artist and DJ wanted to spread her wings and Keta Minaj saw the light!

It’s always a party with Keta. You never know how the evening will turn out, but with her infectious energy she will manage it every time, in whatever form. She likes nostalgia, theater and a joke here and there. Her looks are inspired by “Power Woman Thru Time”; Imaginative and daring outfits – preferably with a surprising reveal in the lip sync performances.

Besides hosting events and performing lip sync performances, Keta can also be booked as a DJ and plays disco, house & 90’s-00’s.

Keta Minaj performs in various locations in Amsterdam, at festivals and various events such as Drag-Brunches and corporate events.

Keep an eye on her because with her international allure she belongs to the top of the worldwide drag scene!

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