Megan Schoonbrood

Megan Schoonbrood is known as a popular and extravagant queen from Rotterdam and has been in the business for more than half her life. Over the years she has emerged into a true show diva. Megan Schoonbrood is sympathetic, articulate, extravagant, beautiful, classic and a tad tacky. She has 23 number 1 pageant titles and received the “Dusty Tiara” for her many years of commitment to the LGBTI community. Megan is a true TV star as she has been one of the cast members of Utopia, a judge on “Make Up Your Mind” and a contestant in “de Alleskunner”. Most of all, she is best known for her participation in the first season of “Drag Race Holland”, where she captured the hearts of many people around the world

Megan Schoonbrood is driven by competitiveness and she is not afraid to take on a challenge…

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